The vision of the South African Legislative Sector is to be an activist, vibrant Legislative Sector deepening democracy.


The aim of the South African Legislative Sector is to ensure or contribute to a better life for all South African citizens through fulfilling the constitutional mandate of Parliament and the Provincial Legislatures. The specific objective of the Legislative Sector collaboration is to strengthen the legislative arm of state through cooperative governance to ensure service delivery and accountability to the people of South Africa.

Policy priorities

  • Nation building
  • Building strong legislatures and a strong legislative sector
  • Deepening parliamentary democracy
  • Developing representative democracy
  • Oversight and accountability
  • Law-making
  • Public participation, and
  • International relations and cooperation

Strategic framework

  • Strategic Goal 1: Deepening and entrenching a people-centred democracy in South Africa
  • Strategic Goal 2: Strengthening the in lawmaking and oversight capacity of Parliament and the nine Provincial Legislatures
  • Strategic Goal 3: Building an effective and efficient legislative sector
  • Strategic Goal 4: Strengthening the capacity to engage, participate in, and oversee international relations