The South African Legislatures are represented in the Steering Committee of the Society of Clerks African Region (SoCATT) by the Secretary to the Free State Provincial Legislature, Mr Joseph Machaka. Furthermore, Mr Romeo Adams from the Western Cape Provincial Parliament has been nominated to fulfil the role of regional representative for the Southern Africa Region on SoCATT Steering Committee.

At the sub-regional level, dedicated effort has been made under the leadership of Mr Adams towards facilitating collaboration in the region and crafting a blueprint on e-parliament for the Southern Africa region with the intent of expanding it for use by all member branches.

In August 2023, Mr Machaka led a worksession held in Kigali, Rwanda, aimed at activating key initiatives of the Society of Clerks aimed at enhancing knowledge management and development as well as increasing the profile and visibility of the SoCATT Africa region. The worksession dealt with governance, project planning and related matters in respect of the activation of three key programmes that form part of the strategic plan, i.e. the production of a SoCATT Africa journal, development of a stand-alone website for the Society and activating an e-newsletter.


The 57th Society of Clerks at the Table (SoCATT) meeting will be held alongside the 66th CPC to be held in Accra, Ghana from 30 September to 6 October 2023.
The South African Legislative Sector is represented in the SoCATT Africa and International through its national branch (Parliament) and sub-branches (Provincial Legislatures).

A range of matters will be considered and workshops held at the engagement. Amongst the proposal that will be discussed, are the following:

  • Online only publication of the Society’s journal, The Table
  • Changing from individual to corporate membership as the basis for belonging to the Society
  • Wider consultation on the Society as a whole.

In response to a call for contributions dates 30 June 2023, the WCPP branch has also offered to present a paper at the upcoming SoCATT International meeting on the following topic:

  • Cyber security in an e-parliament: A case study of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

The Eastern Cape Legislature will lead support to the SA delegation during the upcoming 66th CPC conference, CWP, SoCATT and related engagements in Ghana supplemented by the LSS as sector coordinating mechanism and delegation staff from Parliament and Provincial Legislatures.