Farewell to Sector Leadership of 5th parliamentary term

On 14 March 2019, the Speakers' Forum of the 5th parliamentary term held its final meeting of the term and a farewell celebrating the good work and progress made over the past five year term. The engagement focused on the legacy that the Speakers would hand over to the next leadership team of the Legislative Sector.

Whilst recognizing the strong efforts and key achievements from 2014-2019, there was consensus that there are still a range of areas of development for the Sector. These issues were to be handed over to the incoming Speakers' Forum of the 6th term to take forward.

Some of these issues include the processing of the Bill regulating the interlegislature relations and cooperation, institutionalizing the Legislative Sector Budget process, moving forward on collective bargaining, and further strengthening the highly successful Members' Capacity building programme through the formal establishment of a Parliamentary Institute for South Africa.

Visual: Photo of mtg