State of the Nation - President Zuma prioritizes major economy push

"Our economy needs a major push forward". This theme seemed to resonate throughout President Zuma's State of the Nation Address. Delivering his annual address to the joint sitting in Parliament on 12 February, President Zuma outlined a 9 - point plan designed to stimulate economy growth and boost job creation.

Prominent in government's plans for economic growth is the consistent supply of electricity. According to President Zuma, the short and medium term plan involves improved maintenance of Eskom power stations, enhancing the electricity generation capacity and managing the electricity demand.

As part of the master plan to boost the economy and job creation, President Zuma said government has also identified the following priority areas:

Revitalizing agriculture and the agro-processing value chain; advancing beneficiation or adding value to our mineral wealth; more effective implementation of a higher impact Industrial Policy Action Plan; encouraging private sector investment; moderating workplace conflict; unlocking the potential of SMMEs, cooperatives, township and rural enterprises; state reform and boosting the role of state owned companies, ICT infrastructure or broadband roll out, water, sanitation and transport infrastructure as well as Operation Phakisa aimed growing the ocean economy and other sectors.

Turning to other areas of government, President Zuma assured the nation that local government will receive special attention in a bid to promote good governance and efficient administration.

"We have launched the Back to Basics programme to promote good governance and effective administration through cutting wastage, spending public funds prudently, hiring competent staff, and ensure transparency and accountability in municipalities", he said.