Speaker's Forum to strengthen Cooperative Governance

Parliament, Tuesday 05 August 2014 - The Speaker's Forum of the Republic of South Africa has resolved to strengthen the legislative arm of the state with special emphasis on co-operative governance within legislatures.

This was among resolutions taken during the Forum’s first meeting in Durban since the establishment of the 5th democratic Parliament.

The Forum resolved that oversight mechanisms of the legislatures should be strengthened to enable them to scrutinise government programmes and budgets. This will be done with the view to ensuring the achievement of the National Development Plan (NDP) goals.

With the constitutional obligation to involve the public in the legislative process it was emphasised that public participation mechanisms should be reinforced. The Forum agreed to continue promoting legislative work and educating the public on the Constitution, active citizenship and the rule of law.

A legislative review of all national and provincial legislation will be conducted in order to monitor and evaluate the impact of legislation.

The Forum congratulated the legislatures for the effective capacity building initiatives undertaken during the 4th Parliament. It also noted and appreciated the recent passing of the Financial Management of Parliament and Legislatures Act Amendment Bill, which aims to strengthen sound financial management in the Legislative Sector.

In terms of international relations and engagement the Forum resolved to strengthen and develop a coordinated legislative approach that should encourage greater sharing of knowledge, benchmarking and oversight experiences.

The Speaker's Forum is made up of the Speaker of the National Assembly (NA), the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) and their deputies, Speaker's of Provincial Legislatures and their deputies.

Issued by Parliamentary Communication Services on behalf of the Speaker's Forum