Provinces march in step with President Zuma - SA has a good story to tell

President Zuma insists SA citizens are better off than they were before the advent of democracy in 1994. Speaking in Parliament during the State of the Nation Address to Members of Parliament, Zuma said the quality of life has improved significantly and that the people have "a good story to tell" about government's work in the five priority areas that focus on improving healthcare, providing good education, creating employment, implementing land reform programmes and making communities safer.

Expanding on Parliament's theme of "20 Years of a Democratic Parliament", President Zuma highlighted the strides made by government over the past five-year parliamentary term as well as the past 20 years of democracy.

Provinces vow to speed up service delivery beyond elections

"South Africa is a better place to live in". This theme reverberated throughout most of the State of the Province addresses held in February 2014. Premiers in most provinces agreed that South Africa has come a long way since the first democratic elections in 1994 but more work still needs to be done to achieve a better life for all. Hence the commitment by most provinces that government's work must be accelerated to deliver improved services to all communities.

In this regard, the clarion call of "Kuyasheshwa" (accelerated service delivery), made popular in Gauteng, seems to have found resonance in most provinces with every government worker called upon to roll up their sleeves and work diligently for the building of a better South Africa. Underpinning the delivery of improved services is the need to pursue efficiency, effectiveness; transparency and accountability.

Most Provincial Premiers placed much emphasis on the achievements over the 20 years of democracy and how far the country has come since the first democratic elections in 1994.