D-day looms closer for public participation policy framework

Intense preparations are underway to launch the eagerly-awaited Public Participation and Petitions Framework. This comes after the Speakers’ Forum of South Africa adopted, in principle, the final draft document presented at the body’s most recent meeting held in Johannesburg.

However, the Technical Reference Group, comprised of high-ranking legislative sector officials, is finalising the final document to take into account presentations from civil society organisations. The public participation framework is scheduled to be launched in November 2013.

The Public Participation Framework seeks to integrate public participation into the programmes of Parliament and the Legislatures. It also seeks to establish mechanisms and standards to ensure broader participation by all the people of our country.

The final framework will, amongst other things, seek to make public participation an integral part of Parliamentary and Provincial Legislature proceedings whilst also ensuring that the Legislative Sector is more responsive to the needs of the people by integrating public participation into core functions.