Launch of the Sector Oversight Model

The eagerly-anticipated official launch of the South African Legislative Sector Oversight Model (SOM) took place on 14 March 2012, as part of the International Consultative Seminar, hosted by the Speakers' Forum of South Africa.

The model is the culmination of hard work undertaken by a Project Team led by the Gauteng Legislature Speaker, Hon L Maseko, assisted by Deputy Speaker:

Free State Legislature, Hon M Tshopo, and Deputy Speaker: Limpopo Legislature, Hon M Ramadwa. The Project Team's brief was to develop an oversight model for all South African Legislatures. This model would become one of the pillars of an established Legislative Sector in South Africa, alongside the Executive and the Judiciary.

The South African Legislative Sector took a decision to develop this oversight model to set standards and norms to guide oversight in South Africa. This model will enhance the effectiveness of Legislatures in their different areas of competence to support service delivery; thereby improving the quality of life of all the people of South Africa.

The development process was inclusive in that the experiences, expertise, practices, approaches, methodologies and models of oversight in all South African Legislatures were sought, considered and used in the development of this model. The SALS Oversight Model is therefore a collection of best practices on oversight by all Legislatures of South Africa. This process then culminated in the model that was officially launched on 14 March 2012.The implementation plan of the Sector Oversight Model included the undertaking of road shows or workshops in various legislatures as part of introducing the models to all stakeholders, including the Executive in the respective provinces.

To assist with roll out of the model, technical training on implementing the oversight model will take place in May 2012.